What Are Some Of The Top Aluminium Supplier Singapore

The durability, strength, corrosion resistance, and reflectivity of aluminum are among the top reasons for appealing it to the end-users in aerospace, electronics, manufacturing, construction and building, and much more industries. Yet finding the perfect aluminium supplier singapore for such a ubiquitous metal needs a good amount of research.

To help in sourcing the efforts of a person and understand the marketplace of aluminum, the following is a brief list of the top aluminum suppliers:

  • Norsk Hydro ASA

It is a comprehensive aluminum company known to generate energy, extract bauxite, refine alumina, and produce aluminum, recycling, extruded, and rolled products. The company possesses employees in around 40 countries all around the world.

  • Vedanta resources limited

This company primarily processes and extracts oil, gas, and minerals in Africa, Australia, Ireland, and Australia. It shows high interest in lead-zinc-silver, copper, iron ore, steel, power, gas, oil, and aluminum.

  • Aluminum Corporation of China (Chalco)

It is the product of two incorporating Chinese aluminum producers. The whole value chain engages in research and development related to aluminum alloy products, primary aluminum, and alumina. The key markets of the company are the transportation, national defense, and construction industries of China.

  • Hindalco Industries International

It is known as one of the largest aluminum rolling companies in the world. It is also considered the largest producer of primary aluminum in Asia and is a major player in copper production.


Aluminum remains on a growth trajectory despite the introduction of various new alternatives. The increasing importance of alumimium supplier singapore is projected to continue through 2023 at a 6.71% CAGR.