Bashir Dawood As A Business Tycoon Of Humble Beginning

Let’s talk about a great entrepreneur of Pakisthan who had created a milestone in the home appliance business from a humble beginning. This business tycoon had started his career in refrigerators manufacturing and now he has established a leading home appliance business. Yes, we are talking about bashir dawood who had made an unparalleled legacy, and from the humble beginning, he starts encountering success which got no boundaries.

A leading company :

Now this home appliances business has become one leading company in Pakistan. This company has now had 37 branches and also more than 750 franchises which narrate its success story. BashirKhan is also philanthropic who has maintained core value in his company’s business conduct. In today’s time, this company is supplying a wide range of home appliances products.

A company backed with ethical values:

The company has its core value of providing reliability in its service. They aim to never compromise on the company’s conduct along with providing quality enterprise. The company is dedicated to providing reliability to every service it offers.

This business is now sold to a household appliances company in Turkey but it still promotes the core value maintained by its founder. The founder belongs to a philanthropic family and so his aim was always to maintain values in his business. This core value is still a guiding force that sets the framework of this company.


The company has now its mission to set the business globally and become an international brand. The company always promotes additional values other than its core value. They always promotecreativity in their service and maintain positive teamwork.